Pomegranates Pack a Powerful Antioxidant Punch


‘Tis the season for pomegranates! Pomegranates have a ton of health benefits and can easily be incorporated into varying recipes. Pomegranates are some of the most powerful anti-oxidant of all fruits. Some of the long list of benefits include:

  • Potent anti-cancer and immune supporting effects
  • Inhibits abnormal platelet aggregation that could cause heart attacks, strokes and embolic disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and other cardiac risk factors
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Shown to promote reversal of atherosclerotic plaque in human studies
  • May have benefits to relieve or protect against depression and osteoporosis

Many studies also show that the pomegranate is one of the most powerful, nutrient dense foods for overall good health. These clinical findings clearly show a correlation between pomegranate compounds and their positive effect on both human and animal cardiovascular, nervous, and skeletal health. This is one fruit that would be a great addition to your day: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!

Here is how you seed a pomegranate:

  • Cut the crown (protruding blossom end) off the pomegranate, removing with it some of the pale-yellow pith. Take care not to pierce the seeds within.
  • Lightly score the skin in quarters from stem to crown end.
  • Immerse the scored fruit in a large bowl of cool water and soak for 5 minutes. Holding the fruit under water, break sections apart with your fingers, separating the seeds from membrane. The seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl.
  • Discard skin and membranes. Drain the seeds and dry on paper towels.

There are several ways to incorporate pomegranate seeds into your day. You can put them on top of your oatmeal or cereal, in salads, mix with hummus or guacamole, blended in smoothies, or to add sweetness to Brussel sprouts or even baked chicken or fish. The possibilities are endless!

Source: Dr. Fuhrman