Throughout time food and diet have been used for their curative properties as well as being responsible for many personal ailments. I work with your doctor advised diet and create plans that meet your specific dietary needs or restrictions to help guide you towards wellness.


Find your body’s balance

If you thought that vitamin deficiencies were a thing of the past, think again. Did you know that between 9 and 20% of American women suffer from iron-deficiency anemia? Among black Americans, almost 30% suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Like with food intolerances, people often miss the symptoms of nutrient imbalances for years, chalking them up to just a vague bad feeling. I’m a certified provider of Spectracell, a test which can determine if you have any vitamin deficiencies or other nutrient imbalances.

Spectracell is for you if you…

  • Often feel fatigued or lightheaded.
  • Are frequently ill.
  • Have vision disturbances.

Alcat Test

Stop eating the wrong foods

9 million American adults (about 4% of the population) are estimated to have food intolerances or allergies. But people often live with food allergies and intolerances for years without realizing. The symptoms can be sneaky: Feeling constantly tired. Frequent stomach discomfort. Breakouts and rashes. Luckily, there’s a test that can tell if you’ve got a food intolerance or allergy: the antigen leukocyte antibody test (Alcat Test). I’m a certified provider of the Alcat Test.

The Alcat Test is for you if you…

  • Feel constantly run-down or fatigued.
  • Have frequent stomach discomfort.
  • Sometimes have unexplained breakouts, rashes, or itchy skin.
  • Suspect you might have a food intolerance or allergy.
  • Grocery Trip

    Navigate the miles of aisles

    Sometimes grocery stores can be overwhelming. There are dozens of brands of rice. Hundreds of different cuts of meat. I’ll come with you to the store and make brand recommendations. I’ll talk to you about how to find the information you need on nutrition labels and what ingredients to avoid. We’ll find budget-friendly healthy foods that meet your dietary needs.

    The grocery trip is for you if you…

  • Get analysis paralysis in the freezer aisle.
  • Wonder which brands and ingredients are truly healthy (e.g. how different are 1% and 2% milk, really?).
  • Want a wider variety of healthy meals and snacks within a budget.
  • Can’t figure out what to buy on a physician-prescribed diet.
  • One-to-One

    Feeling funky? Let me help

    Maybe you’re not sure how to define your medical questions or concerns. Maybe you suspect some nutrient imbalance or food intolerance testing might be a good idea, but you aren’t sure what is right for you. Perhaps your physician recommended dietary changes & you need help navigating a new lifestyle.  I’m happy to talk with you to figure out what kind of testing and plan would be right for you.  

    One-to-one advising is for you if you…

    • Often feel bad—tired, unhappy, run-down.
    • Were recommended by a physician and would like guidance
    • Aren’t sure whether to get a food intolerance or nutrient deficiency test.
    • Have other general medical nutritional questions.