Whether you’re the CEO or the mailroom clerk, the health and wellness of your company goes deeper than sales and numbers. The way healthcare works these days, the healthier your company is, the more money you can save the organization and your employees. And most importantly, we’re helping your employees live a healthier lifestyle for their own wellbeing.

Lunch & Learn

What better time to learn how to eat better than over lunch break? Employees bring their lunch and I’ll bring the knowledge to help get and keep your employees headed down the path towards a healthier life with food. Each session is generally followed by short mini-consults to help individuals and answer questions.


Having a healthy company can be good both financially and physically. I provide diet and health related consulting services directly to, or in conjunction with, other health industry partners.


You’re planning a company wellness retreat and need someone to speak about a healthy diet. You’re hosting a big beginning-of-the-year meeting, and you think people could use a New Year’s Resolution kick in the pants. Maybe you own a spa and are looking for a regular speaker.

Speaking is right for your group if you’re…

  • Have a lot of people
  • With varied goals
  • And varied nutritional needs
  • Workshops

    Lots of questions? I’ve got lots of answers

    If your office is full of people who want to lose a few pounds, I can offer you all some weight loss tips. Or maybe you’re already pretty athletic and want suggestions for how to eat right when you’re recovering from a workout. Whatever your office’s goals, I’ve got a workshop to fit.

    Workshops are right for your office if you…

    • Have lots of people wanting to make or keep particular nutritional goals.
    • Are working toward a group fitness challenge.
    • Want to chip in together toward some nutritional counseling.