Every good relationship starts with a conversation. I like getting to know my clients before we get going to understand what motivates them and makes them tick. I look forward to hearing from you and finding out how I can help you bring out your greatest self, through food.


What is a registered dietitian? How is a dietitian qualified?

A dietitian is a university-trained, national commission-licensed provider of therapeutic nutrition. Dietitians must complete at least a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics; many (including Christi Lee) also complete a master’s degree, also in nutrition and dietetics. In the U.S., all dietitians must complete a 1200-hour period of practical supervised training (i.e. an internship) in different hospital and community settings. Some dietitians continue to earn specialist dietetic qualifications and certifications after having completed the required schooling—for example, Christi Lee has earned a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management and is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

What do all those initials behind your name mean?

Master of Science (M.S.) Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist (R.D.N.) Licensed Dietitian (L.D.) Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (C.S.S.D.)

What is your philosophy about food?

Rule 1: Fresh is always best. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, or if you don’t know what an ingredient is, just put it back on the shelf.
Rule 2: Food is fuel. You wouldn’t put low-octane, regular unleaded gasoline in a Maserati, would you? Unprocessed, fresh, natural foods are your body’s version of premium fuel. Keep everything running right, and forget the processed junk.

What should I expect during the initial consult?

I’ll learn about you: I’ll get a full medical and social history. We’ll talk about your nutrition and fitness goals. You’ll tell me about other times you’ve tried to get healthy and what stumbling blocks came up. Once I have a good picture of your current habits and where you want to be, I’ll help you develop strategies to accomplish your goals. Don’t worry—I’ll be there by your side, coaching you along the way.

I don't live in Nashville. Can I still work with you?

Definitely. I have great video conferencing software (it’s even health privacy protected). Or, if you prefer, we can talk by phone.

Follow-up consult vs. tune-up consult?

There are many options for follow-up or tune-up consults. Follow-up consults are 45-minutes in length, and serve to hone and adjust your plan to better serve your goals and changing lifestyle. Tune-ups are 15-minutes in length and provide quick adjustments and check-in accountabilities. There are several packages available that include varying amounts of follow-up’s or tune-ups, depending upon your preferences.

Does insurance cover my consult?

Sorry, no! We do not accept insurance.

How do I book an appointment?

You’ll send me a message on this page (Let's Chat), email me at christi@beprime.co, or call me at (615) 307–6701. Then we’ll find a time that works for both of us.

Can I make an appointment for my child?

Definitely. Good nutrition is especially important for children. However, if the child is under 18 years old, he or she must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What about follow up consults?

What happens after the first session depends on you, your goals, and your body’s needs. Some people need regular meetings to talk about a food tracker. Others may need micro-nutrient deficiency testing, or food intolerance testing. Still others may want help learning to cook healthy food, or help coming up with a full diet and exercise plan.

What is your cancellation policy? Refund policy?

It’s our policy to charge for office visits that are missed or cancelled without 24-hour notice. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once a package is purchased a client must use it or forfeit the purchase price.

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